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Strong Workforce Champions

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Businessman with deep roots helps advance manufacturing in Inland Empire

Nominated By: Alan Braggins, Advanced Manufacturing Deputy Sector Navigator and Lisa Kiplinger-Kennedy, Business & Entrepreneurship Deputy Sector Navigator

Winning Criteria: Advancement of work-based learning opportunities, including internships and apprenticeships, Collaboration with career technical education faculty to develop programs and curricula with the skills that industry demands, Support general career technical education efforts


Wallace Brithinee is an entrepreneur whose family opened the first bank in the High Desert and started Brithinee Electric, an electrical motor repair service that thrives today.

Brithinee is president of the Manufacturers' Council of the Inland Empire and strives to help all manufacturers build their future workforce. He opened a training center at his business to ensure that customers could upgrade their skills as technology changed their business and is a strong supporter of the InTech regional training center.

Through his continued contributions to the manufacturing industry, Brithinee is helping to build a Strong Workforce for the Inland Empire region.

Manufacturers' Council of the Inland Empire executive board listing

Video: CEO profile - Wally Brithinee (The Press-Enterprise)

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