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Strong Workforce Champions

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Magnetika HR manager delivers on student internships, exceeds expectation

Nominated By: Ben Traina, Deputy Sector Navigator

Winning Criteria: Advancement of work-based learning opportunities, including internships and apprenticeships


Catherine Holdbrook-Smith partnered with El Camino College and the South Bay Workforce Investment Board to recruit high school students for Magnetika's internship program for engineering, manufacturing, quality assurance and production support.

Catherine originally expected to select two students for the internship program, and El Camino College provided Catherine with 12 applicants. She decided to interview nine of the 12 students. She spent half a day conducting interviews and was so impressed with the students that she was able to persuade management to provide internships for four students, double her original goal.

Catherine is a true champion for students by providing opportunity for on-the-job training and career paths.

Magnetika, Inc.

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